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Pledge A Participant

Click on the city below to pledge a participant.


You can donate directly to the Salvation Army or search for an Athlete. Simply go to the link below and you will be forwarded to the Santa Shuffle fundraising page. Click on the Donate Tab and make a donations or search for the athlete whom, you would like to pledge.

Already registered in the race

Set up or manage your Fundraising Dashboard: If you are registered in the event and would like to raise funds or access your Fundraising Dashboard please go to this event’s Raise Funds section link below, click on the Raise Funds tab once you are on the race’s donation page. You can now set up or manage your personal fundraising page.

Personal Page

Your donation page is the page where people go to sponsor you. Your friends, family, and co-workers are directed there when you solicit them by email (a link to the page is sent in the email). Other people may find your donation page if they find your name when searching for someone to sponsor.

Pledge Form

You can also submit the pledge form if preferred:

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