DECEMBER 5TH - 12TH, 2020
How to Fundraise

By participating in the Santa Shuffle, you’re joining The Salvation Army in the fight against poverty. To prepare to fundraise, view our online pledge form or download the PDF below.

Download our pledge form

Tips on Fundraising

Demonstrate the Need:

Inform donors of that poverty may not be easy to see, but it is everywhere. Use statistics for support.
“1 in 7 Canadians live in poverty. They may struggle to afford life’s most basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter”.

Share your Passion:

Explain why fighting poverty in your community is important to you. With over 4 million Canadians living in poverty, odds are donors know someone who is facing poverty. Many are good at maintaining a façade, but behind closed doors, they may be struggling to feed their children or pay their bills.
“I’m taking part in the Santa Shuffle to put a spotlight on less fortunate Canadians, to help fight poverty and raise awareness”.

Make it Personal:

Poverty is everywhere and can affect anyone. For some, the sudden loss of a job, an illness, family breakup or rent increase may lead to poverty or homelessness. Some may be afraid to ask for help when they are struggling. Every person deserves basic human dignity; no one should face hardship trying to feed their family or keep a roof over their head.

Ask for a Specific Amount:

Set a standard amount to ask your friends and family. Whether its $20, $15 or $10, every dollar contributes to helping The Salvation Army provide hope and dignity to less fortunate members of your community.

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For questions regarding fundraising, contact:

[email protected]