Sunnybrook / Wilket Creek Park
1132 Leslie St., Toronto, ON


8:30 a.m Registration opens at
9:30 a.m Opening ceremonies.
10:00 a.m Race begins promptly


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The funds raised through this year’s Santa Shuffle will be going directly to The Salvation Army Gateway, a 118-bed shelter for men experiencing homelessness in Toronto.
Beyond providing the basic necessities of food and shelter, the Gateway also runs a Drop-In program which plays a crucial role in restoring dignity and keeping men and women off of the streets. The Drop-In is open from 1 – 7pm five days a week and through it the Gateway provides hot meals, a safe and warm place to be, recreational programs and friendship. In this way, the Drop-In also serves as a support for individuals who’ve moved on from the shelter into a place of their own. For anyone living on the street, in the shelter or in low-income housing, having a place to go and a community to belong to makes a world of difference.

The annual operating cost for the Drop-In is approximately $75,000 (73.5% food and 26.5% (additional staffing). The money raised through the Santa Shuffle last year was enough to fund it for nearly all of 2016. Our goal is the same for this year. All of the money raised will be put exclusively toward the Gateway Drop-In, which means that all donations will have a direct and meaningful impact on those experiencing marginalization and homelessness in our city.


With all of the proceeds from this year’s race going to such a great cause, we’re asking each participant to “focus on $50,” or in other words, to raise $50 dollars through pledges and donations. It’s a lofty goal but we know you can do it! Help us keep the Gateway Drop-In open by getting your friends and family involved and by “focusing on $50!!!”


Parking is VERY LIMITED—there may not be enough parking inside the park for everyone.

There are three parking lots in close proximity to the starting area:

1) Directly inside the park, just north of the main entrance (150m from start)
2) Along the main park road, just past the washrooms (250m from start)
3) Further along the road in the middle lot (400m from start)


There are two additional places to park: the stables parking lot and the upper playing field lots. These areas are 1.5km and 2km away from the starting area, respectively. Please allow 20 minutes to find parking and make your way to the registration tables.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the event!

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Thank you for your interest in Santa Shuffle!

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Angela Rafuse - [email protected]


For all Quebec media inquiries, please contact:

Brigitte - [email protected]
Phone: (514) 288-2848 ext 2267


Check out the media links below to view/download the commercials, TV spot, and radio ad for this year's Santa Shuffle.

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How can my teammates fund raise online?

In order for individual team members to collect pledges online, they must have a member profile through the Athlete Dashboard. Once a profile is created, their email address will connect with the ‘pledge and athlete’ link. Please be sure to correctly enter your team mates email addresses.


I registered online, but people who are trying to sponsor me are unable to find me on the “search for an athlete” link.

You have asked that your name be ‘hidden’ from the public confirmation list. Please contact your local Run Director and they can ‘un-hide’ your name.


I registered at my local Running Room store, but I cannot see myself on the race confirmation list.

Walk-in registrations are collected by local Salvation Army staff on a weekly basis and entered manually online. The process can take up to two weeks before your registration appears online.


Are strollers allowed?

Yes, but for safety reasons, we ask that they stay towards the back of the group.


Can I bring my dog to this event?

While we don't actively encourage anyone to bring their dog to this event, and in some cases the park that hosts the event prohibits animals, any dogs that are running with their owners should be on a leash and are the full responsibility of the owner.


Is this race timed?

No, it is a fun run without any timing.


How do I get a Santa Shuffle T-shirt?

T-shirts are complimentary with a minimum of $50 in pledges. T-shirts can also be purchased for $15.


We have 12 people for our team, but I can only register 10.

10 is the maximum number for a team. You can split your group into two teams and compete against each other for fund-raising, or register the additional two people as individuals, but still run together.

Can some of our team participate in the 5K and some do the 1K?

Yes, just be sure to tell the folks at Race Package pick-up, so that you get the appropriate coloured race bib.

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